Stability is key

Cardano Staking Pool

all about stability


Running on a major web-hoster we provide 24/7/365 operation of the STABLEPOOL staking pool. Furthermore we provide safety tutorials on cardanojournal and develop the pool_check script, which actively checks  your pool for smooth operation and secure setup.


Featuring SSD's in the core and relay node results in lightning fast access times of our servers combined with a 100Mbits internet connection and unlimted traffic.


16 Gb Ram in the relay and core and 12 cores provide calculation capacity for the Cardano protocol.


24/7/365 Online 

We believe in the Cardano infrastructure and provide a staking pool with 24/7/365 uptime. Having a background in IT we secure our servers in agreement with the IOHK specifications to provide a stable environment for your ADA to be staked.

We invite you to become part of the Cardano protocol and participate in the staking.

Ticker: STBL

poolID: 7472e0960f7e59253dff9ddd0245b69a8898b51e103dd0c95aea9ac6       Margin 0.5%


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Always online

We believe in the Cardano protocol to become the next major block chain and are happy to be part of the staking network.

Next level block chain

Participating in the Cardano block chain will help to build the next level block chain providing scalability and low power consumption due to the proof-of-stake algorithm.

Green energy

StablePool is running on 100% green energy certified by the green energy label supported by many NGO's in germany: